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Using this resource you can create reference numbers for Payment Instructions at the invoice level, allowing for multiple payment information and payment reference numbers to be associated with a single invoice. However, only one PRN is generated for each payment method.

Sample payment reference number [ JSON ]

{ "id": "prn___test__8aszZTexzRqs4A", "invoice_id": "__demo_inv__2", "number": "0000202317", "object": "payment_reference_number", "type": "kid" }


string, max chars=40
The id of the payment_reference_number resource is a unique identifier assigned to the PRN to track and reference in systems.
enumerated string
This attribute helps type field in the API, specifies how to reconcile offline payments, and generate payment_reference_number on invoices based on country-specific rules. Setting the type field generates payment_reference_number for the respective country and includes them on the invoice for correct reconciliation.
Possible values are
kidThe KID number (kundeidentifikasjon) in Norway is an abbreviation for "Customer identification". It is used to associate payments with the customer and invoice.ocrA OCR-based payment, contains an OCR reference, which is used to identify the vendor and the purchase document in connection with a payment. Swedish reference number can contain customer ID and/or invoice number to identify customer and invoice.frnThe reference number printed on invoices in Finland is utilized by buyers for payment via bank transfer, facilitating the association of payments with invoices.fikDenmark based number calculated using recursive MOD 10 algorithm.
string, max chars=100
A number is generated based on the configuration type of the PRN during the invoice creation process.
optional, string, max chars=50
The invoice_id of the payment reference number (PRN) resource is the unique identifier assigned to the invoice that the PRN is associated with.