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Tax regulations in many countries allow taxes to be deducted by the buyer while making payments for products and services. The buyer then pays this tax to the taxation authority. The tax_withheld resource captures the details of such tax deductions.


  • This resource is available as the linked_taxes_withheld sub-resource under invoices.
  • Whenever refunds are provided against this resource, they are available as linked_tax_withheld_refunds sub-resource under credit_notes.

Sample tax withheld [ JSON ]

{ "amount": 100, "description": "Contractor payments TDS", "date": 1585050579, "id": "tax_wh_16BdDXSlbu4uV1Ee6", "reference_number": "GAPN11000100" }


string, max chars=40
An auto-generated unique identifier for the tax withheld. The value starts with the prefix tax_wh_. For example, tax_wh_16BdDXSlbu4uV1Ee6.
optional, string, max chars=100
A unique external reference number for the tax withheld. Typically, this is the reference number used by the system you are integrating the API with. Depending on your integration, this could be the reference number issued by the taxation authority to identify the customer or the specific tax transaction.
optional, string, max chars=65k
The description for this tax withheld.
optional, timestamp(UTC) in seconds
Date or time associated with the tax withheld.
optional, in cents, min=1
The amount withheld by the customer as tax from the invoice. The unit depends on the type of currency.
optional, long
Version number of this resource. The resource_version is updated with a new timestamp in milliseconds for every change made to the resource. This attribute will be present only if the resource has been updated after 2016-09-28.
optional, timestamp(UTC) in seconds