Used when you want to copy card information between two gateways (such as copying cards between Authorize.Net and Stripe). Will contain details of the payment method type (card, Amazon Payments, etc.), name of the gateway, and the reference ID that the gateway uses to identify the specific card.

Sample third party payment method [ JSON ]

{ "gateway": "stripe", "gateway_account_id": "gw_3Nl8GHDQG1cIcwAn", "type": "card", "reference_id": "cus_9vJDNMnclndus0/card_9vJDKCViG6Cf8i", "object": "third_party_payment_method" }
Type of the payment method.
enumerated string, default=card
Possible values are
cardCard based payment inluding credit cards and debit cards. Details about the card can be obtained from the card resource.paypal_express_checkoutPaypal Express Checkout based payment.amazon_paymentsAmazon login and pay based payment.direct_debitDirect Debit.genericGeneric Payment Method.alipayAlipay.unionpayUnionpay.
Name of the gateway this card is stored with.
enumerated string
Possible values are
chargebeeChargebee test gateway.stripeStripe payment gateway.wepayWePay Gateway.braintreeBraintree payment gateway. payment gateway.paypal_proPaypal Pro Account.pinPin payment gateway.ewayeWAy Account.eway_rapideWAy Rapid gateway.worldpayWorldPay payment gateway.balanced_paymentsBalanced payment gateway.beanstreamBeanstream Account.bluepayBluePay payment gateway.elavonElavon Virtual Merchant.first_data_globalFirst Data Global Gateway Virtual Terminal Account.hdfcHDFC Account.migsMasterCard Internet Gateway Service.nmiNMI gateway.ogoneOgone Account.paymillPaymill payment gateway.paypal_payflow_proPaypal Payflow Pro gateway.sage_paySage Pay gateway.tco2Checkout payment gateway.wirecardWireCard Account.gocardlessGoCardless.adyenAdyen.not_applicableIndicates that payment gateway is not applicable for this resource.
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The gateway account this payment method is stored with.
optional, string, max chars=50
Identifier provided by the gateway to reference that specific card.
string, max chars=100